Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata

Sumatran Tigers are need to save before it's too late because they are critically endangered. Tomy Winata rescue tigers and after rehabilitation leave them to wild even the cannibal tigers.
Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata

Saving the Sumatran tiger

Story of these two tigers will surely touch you. Forests of Indonesia are filled once with roaring of tigers but nowadays due to destruction of their habitat, due to deforestation and due to illegal or legal poaching,they are going to extinct.Here is the video

Sumatras Last Tigers - The Secrets of Nature

Story of Sumatran tigress

It is that video which inspired me and I am compelled to write about it. Panti and Petri are not the two tigers but the main characters of the story of Sumatra. Panti is the female tiger who is cannibal as well but rehabilitation center decided to release her after rescuing. She was captured by the Rescue Team and shifted to rehabilitation center where she was under the custody of the Rescue Team for about many months after so much care she was released to its Natural Habitat and forest. 

Saving the Sumatran tiger | IUCN

Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata
After about 30 months of her release the members of Rescue Team observed that she was around the rescue center. It was an alarming situation not because she returned but why she returned. She was again captured by the Rescue Team and in an examination it was discovered that her feet was hurt because poaching was very common in forest , maybe she was being hurt by some hunter. Medical care was given to her and they examine more about his physical situation that she cannot walk normally and it was ended with the good news that she is going to give birth. 

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation | TWNC is a conservation .

Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata She delivered three cubs which were at once seemed abnormal with blind and deaf. But with the passage of time when their mother cared them , they become better and better.  Rehabilitation center providing its all efforts to teach the little cobs techniques to hunt so they can survive in the wild. They also provide opportunities so the tigress can teach her cubs techniques of hunting. Medical care was also given to these cubs and the tigress.

Sumatran Tiger | Species | WWF

After so many precautionary measures and the forest area was cleared from the human being Panti and one of cub Petri were ready for release to the forest again after 3 years.Petri was grown into an angry adult Tiger.
Beyond the reserve: managing the consequences of successful tiger conservation
That was a new experience for the world to release a tiger who born in the cage and never seen the wild world. Rescue team was sad and excited at the same time. Sad because they love that little kid who is now tiger and their emotional attachment is like the father have to the son. The whole media was called and arrangements were taken into a greater field of releasing the tigers and his son. When the tigress was released she was happy and leap into the forest immediately but behavior of the tiger was totally different because he had never seen this freedom.
Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata

Sumatran Tiger Trust Conservation Program - World Association of ...

He hesitated to go and find the path to the forest. It takes about 10 minutes to go into the forest everyone was worried that how can he will live in the wild and cope with the wild challenges. 

Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata But Hope for the best because it was a great struggle by this rehabilitation center working under Tomy Winata. Similar acts must be considered for the survival of snow leopard and other endangered species because if we never returned these wild animals to their habitat then it's useless to save them as pets.

Sumatran Tiger Conservation | Endangered Tigers | Auckland Zoo

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Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata

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Saving the Sumatran tiger by Tomy Winata


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